Horsehead Nebula

(Also known as: Barnard 33 & IC 434)

My first time imaging with a narrowband filter. This image is taken using a Hydrogen Alpha filter designed to only allow a very narrow wavelength of light through. This allows for longer exposures and increased detail in the dust of space.

This image is made up of 43 x 5 minute exposures in Hydrogen Alpha, 3 hours & 35 minutes total exposure. I had to do quite a bit of noise reduction, and it could definitely be improved by stacking a lot more subframes!

Image Details:

  • RA: 05h 40m 59s
  • DEC: -02° 27' 30"
  • Constellation: Orion
  • Distance from Earth: 1,400 ly
  • Shot from: Netley Abbey, UK
  • Dates: 2nd February 2019


  • Ha: 43 x 5 minutes
  • Total Integration: 3 hours, 35 minutes